Sunday, January 11, 2015

SEO: 12 things that YOU SHOULD NEVER DO

By Adrián Coutin

Developing a Web project should respect most critical aspects of search engines optimisation (SEO) because finalizing and launching a Web site all people will asking about traffic.

Each project Web is different,for its technical elements and for the audience that we address content, services, etc.

At the same time Google or any other search engines is going to evaluate and process the new website according to multiple variables, more than 900 millions, (for example Google).

Many aspects of SEO when we are developing a website. Reasons? Many of them connected to  wrong projects design, poor communication, and a long list the is not the target of this post. 

Here you can find that most 12 problems that you should avoid working as a SEO in a new website. However they are just a brief representation. I'm sure that you can have more in your mind.


1. Ignoring the right semantics that describe the content of website's project. Remember, today is not only enough to work with keywords, you need work with all semantic elements as synonyms, antonyms, etc.

2. Unknowing the information architecture of the website. Search engines find web pages appreciate or hate them for many elements associated information architecture. Example: anchors text, navigation schemes, etc.

3. Repeating unnecessary keywords in titles, text links, descriptions. Remember that over optimization is subject to penalty in various algorithms Google.

4. Ignoring website usability.  The search engines evaluating usability of your pages, the successful users navigations and any problem may affect the optimisation of these pages.

5. Working with a content management system (CMS) which do not have control of navigation schemes (including breadcrumbs), use of actual meta tags or new ones.

6. Ignoring number of Web pages and content in all web site. You must have an inventory of information resources, knowing which are landing pages, which are not and why.

7. Allowing duplicate content of Web pages. There are many CMS that duplicate page titles, especially result pages search, and even in products and services pages.

8. Keeping isolated frontend development. You have to know how they are applying the HTML code. Remember search engines, Google, has rules for the correct use of HTML and if not fulfill, can generate penalties on the Web.

9. Ignoring the existence of robots.txt and it role processing or Web pages.

10. Ignoring how search engines "see" or processed your website. There are several tools but a free and fast find Google Webmaster Tools.

11. Working with out control external links you are getting. Yes, you have to always do "linkbuilding" because links are important. You should avoid toxic links.

12. Unknowing main sources of information about search engines. Google Webmaster Guidelines need to review it frequently for updates of search engines. Remember: 2010 SEO has nothing to do with the SEO of 2015.

The list is endless of things you should not do to a Web positioning but with these 12 points can start working and keep looking for new ideas of what to do.

Always remember to work with large and creative mind. Every day can meet new challenges, especially in the websites of over 900 pages, optimising in Google Index that has medium and high competitive rates.

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