Multilingual Website SEO - Hospitality & tourism 

Project Goal

A Multilingual Website - booking villas (Spanish, English French, German, Russian) with inestable positions in Google SERPs after a migration in July 2016.

Organic traffic was near cero from french, german and russian version at the beginning of 2017.

Main project goal was to improve indexation of all content in each language versions increasing relevant traffic from,,, &

SEO  Services

Technical SEO, SEO Audit, SEO Keyword Research, Performance Monitoring


A deep SEO Audit that included logs files analyses as other technical tools as Google Search Console, SEMRush and Sistrix yielded

An action plan was designed focus the SEO recommendations based on their impact towards goals and difficulty to implement.

In March 2019 was reported organic traffic increase of sessions in comparison with same month last year in Spanish, +71.20%, English, +15.90%, French, +56.47%, and German, +119.44%

Started Date: November 2018
Ended Date: March 2019

Audit SEO - National Institute for Safety and Health at Work

Project Goal

Detecting the problems that are affecting the positioning of the Web after various migration processes, including domain change.

SEO Services

Audit SEO, Technical SEO, Domain migration, Redirects organization


SEO audit detected a high numbers of problems connected to domains migrations errors, content duplicate, web performance optimization (WPO), responsive design, etc.

An action plan with all recommendations were designed for problems solutions organizing tasks according to project's priorities.

Started Date: August 2019
Ended Date: October 2019

Spanish Radio Televisión rtve.s - Media & Entertainment

Project goal

Website with high quality information. The reputation of the domain is good, however, every year organic traffic decreases.

An old design with a limited budget to develop deep modifications and, at the same time, it was necessary to increase traffic for relevant content available in videos, news section, etc.

The website has a high number of competitors with modern websites, quality content and code updated.

Main project goal: increasing organic traffic, no branding, with a reduced budget.

SEO  Services

SEO Strategy, On-page SEO, Technical SEO


A tv website with several kind of content including video reported decreasing traffic consecutive during two years. 

As a result of a SEO Audit was detected several problems that solving them, without extra cost, will be improving positions in Google organic results. 

An action plan was designed focus in implementation of in video section and AMP format.

This plan included, also, solving problems in information architecture through improving in navigation schema and improving internal links amongs content and video.

Finally, we made recommendations to improve Pagespeed which were affected for several modules without any real function. 

After the implementation of action plan the Website has reached relevant position in high demand keywords.

In January 2018 was leader in audience according to ComScore. 

Started Date: July 2017 
Ended Date: August 2018

SEO Audit - - eCommerce

Project Goal

After a design migration, the  client’s website was going down in ranking in short and long tails keywords. It meant a drop in income down  in short time.

Main project object: Detection those elements in website, new version, that are producing the lost of ranking in Google SERP.

SEO Services

Technical SEO, SEO Audit


I made an audit SEO checking principal data from several tools including Google Search Console, SEMRush, etc,. Several errors in redirect 301 process, duplicate a high number of titles and meta description, and some problems in the mobile version indexation were the main problems affecting indexation of new version.

Started Date: May 2016 
Ended Date: July 2016 - eCommerce

Project Goal

Migration of platform website beaten for a Google penalty.

SEO Services:

Technical SEO


I designed an action plan to organize all migration process starting to delete all duplicate content to solve Google Penalty. A second step was focus in re-organization of content and detecting all those urls which should be redirect vía 301, and those urls that should report 404 (content no more available in the new version).

Started Date: January 2016 
Ended Date: July 2017  - from corporate website to eCommerce website. 

Project goal

The client decided to convert its corporate website to an e-commerce website. They wanted to maintain visibility for its brand showing e-commerce new options. The New website should be launching with all conditions to be indexed for Google as soon as possible.

SEO Services:

SEO Strategy Competitive Analysis SEO Audit SEO Keywords Research Technical SEO 


An Action Plan was designed starting for the organization of migration process, redirect 301, etc. Second step was the SEO configuration new site, Magento 1.9, keyword research, etc.

Started Date: February 2016
Ended Date: February 2018

Solving penalty google to an online newspaper

Project Goal

The client were losing ranking in Google SERP during several months due a manual Google penalty. Despite various attempts to solve Google penalty the client did not fix the problem.

Main objective was identifying the problem sources making recommendations to fix it. 

SEO Services

Technical SEO, SEO Audit, Backlinks, Forwardlinks


I developed an audit backlinks and identifying the source of this problem. An action plan was designed to redesign blogs connected to the main domain, removing internal links schema. Other recommendations, UX & Design, were added as part of an integral project.

Started Date: September 2019 
Ended Date: November 2019

SEO Audit & Keyword Research - Iberdrola Ide 

Project Goal

An SEO Audit focus in technical status and strategy to increase traffic for relevant keywords. On the other hand the SEO modifications proposal should respect the user experience and designs elements.


We made a deep SEO technical audit through several tools making recommendations connected to Web Performance Optimization, data structured, information architecture and so on.

A second part of this project, keywords research study, was developed identifying those keywords with potential high conversion. 

A permanent interchange of ideas and options were setting up with UX & Design department.

Started Date: September 2019 
Ended Date: October 2019

Content migration - Garnier blog

Project Goal

Optimizing the migration process from an old CMS to a new one where the import options are limited and with lack of options filter images,content, images classification, etc.  

SEO Services

Migration process, Crawling, Data import, Python


Due to the CMS migration was necessary to crawl all content blog and generate ASCII files to be imported in the new website. Images and links were included in the import process. 

Started Date: November 2019 
Ended Date: December 2019